Saint-Pierre et Saint-Paul Church

Saint-Pierre et Saint-Paul church is the largest religious building in Guadeloupe. Completed in 1807, this magnificent church is located in the center of Pointe-à-Pitre. It was designed by architect Alexandre Petit and the metal frame of the church was created by Joly in Argenteuil, France, same company that built the Eiffel Tower. The church was listed as a historical monument in 1978.

Join us for the Festival finale concert on Wednesday March 20 at 8pm.

Bord de Mer

L’espace Bord de mer at BAILLIF will wear its event clothes to welcome the public this year, with the Prelude given there, officially launching this 2019 edition of the Saint-Georges International Music Festival.

Join us for the Festival Prelude on Saturday March 16 at 3pm.


L’Artchipel, Scène nationale de la Guadeloupe, is a show distribution structure located in Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe.
First establishment of the French overseas labeled national scene by the Ministry of Culture, L’Artchipel offers, since its opening in 1996, theater and dance performances, concerts and a program of cinema and exhibitions of contemporary art.

Join us for the Ensemble du Monde concert on Sunday 17 March at 6pm.

Notre-Dame-de-Guadeloupe Cathedral

Built in 1736, Notre-Dame-de-Guadeloupe cathedral has a harmonious facade in the Baroque « Jesuit » style, since the model was spread by the Society of Jesus from the 17th century. The facade in volcanic stone, is decorated with statues of St. Pierre, St. Paul and the Virgin. A particularity distinguishes this cathedral : at the back is its bell tower, separated.

Join us for the opening concert of the Festival on Saturday March 17 at 8pm.

Mémorial ACTe

The Memorial ACTe is a contemporary center for the expression and memory of slavery and the slave trade in the Caribbean. This center is part of the UNESCO Slave Route Project, a global initiative to promote the bringing people together thanks to the common legacy of this tragedy. Since its completion in 2015, on the former site of the Darboussier sugar factory in Pointe-à-Pitre, the Memorial ACTe is a major tourist attraction in Guadeloupe. In addition to its permanent exhibitions on the art and history of slavery and indigenous peoples in Guadeloupe and other Caribbean islands, it also offers various conferences, cultural events and concerts throughout the year.

Join us for the piano recital Monday, March 18 at 3 pm then 5 pm and for the chamber music concert at 8 pm.

La Créole Jazz Club

Located within the La Creole Beach Hotel & Spa complex, the La Creole jazz club offers first-rate shows in an intimate, unique and modern environment. Guests can enjoy a selection of acras and specialty cocktails at the Rhumerie Bar while listening to the best jazz artists from around the world.

OECS exceptional concert, March 15 at 8pm