An official national festival of Guadeloupe (French Caribbean), the Saint-Georges International Music Festival is the most prestigious and largest classical music festival in the Caribbean.

Led by Artistic and Musical Director, conductor Marlon Daniel, the festival offers a spectacular concerts performed by renowned international artists and cultural and educational events throughout the archipelago of Guadeloupe.


Marlon Daniel, Artistic and Music Director
Jérôme Pfister, General Director (Guadeloupe)


Benoît Gomez, President of the Association
Patrick Bénazet, Secretary of the Association
Jamshed Turel, Treasurer of the Association
Christelle Pfister, Officer of the Association
Dr. Hristo Popov, Musician’s Representative


Marie-Agnès Bégarin, Guadeloupe festival representative
Donna Cain, US festival representative
Géraldine Barlagne-Naigre, Guadeloupe festival representative
Rose-Lee Raqui, Guadeloupe festival representative
Norma Tan, US festival representative